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How to get out of grief and depression?

This is a Great Post Mahabharata War Story for Overcoming Depression After Any Tragedy in Life.



Long but worth read



After the war had ended and Yudhisthira was crowned as king, Yudhisthira lost his interest in the administrative work of the Kingdom. People would come to his Court with some problems but King Yudhisthira would keep on discussing and lamenting the loss of so many kith and kins in war.


He would start telling the visitors about his grief and would say that it was a worthless war that he fought and lost all his near and dears. People would listen and King Yudhisthira was all the time in so much depression, that he would postpone the required action on administrative issues


This way things started deteriorating and different sorts of problems started due to inaction on part of the new King. Since he was King, nobody dared tell Yudhisthira about such bad habits he acquired after becoming king.


So, other Pandava brothers and kins decided to complain about this to Lord Krishna when he was scheduled to visit. Lord Krishna was told about the procrastination habit and fixation of Yudhisthira on war events and related deaths.


Lord Krishna when asked Yudhisthira about this bad habit, King Yudhisthira replied "O Lord! I have no intention to skip my kingly responsibilities but what should I do? Whenever I want to do my routine work, I get the memories of war and the destruction it caused so I am unable to concentrate on my current work."


Lord Krishna decided to solve this problem with the help of an elder and most senior elder available at that time was Bhishma Pitamah waiting for death on arrow-bed. So, Lord Krishna went to him alone and told the whole story to him. Bhishma asked Lord Krishna to come with Yudhisthira next evening.


The next evening, Lord Krishna arrived with King Yudhisthira to meet Bhishma Pitamah but Yudhisthira was not aware that Pitamah knew his current problem. So, in the ordinary course of discussions, Pitamah raised the point that he had heard from the public that Yudhisthira was not taking interest in kingly duties.


Yudhisthira gave the same reply what was given to Lord Krishna and Pitamah also agreed with his reasoning. Then Pitamah asked Yudhisthira that he should declare to the whole world that he had become a King and accomplished something. For this, he should organize a great Get-Together function, where he should invite other friendly kings and acquaintances. Yudhisthira agreed to this wish of Bhishma and promised to organize it at a grand level very soon.


After returning from that meeting, Yudhisthira called his brothers and officers and ordered them to start preparing for such Rajsuya Yagya as Emperors used to do those days. An auspicious day after one month was chosen for the congregation. A lot of preparation and planning started and people started acting to make the event memorable.


After one month, on the scheduled day, the festival happened. So many kings and old acquaintances of Pandavas and Lord Krishna gathered, had talks, discussions, enjoyed the song and dance programs with a grand feast. The event ended successfully

After the festival ended, Lord Krishna told Yudhisthira that they should go to meet Pitamah and tell him that his wish had been fulfilled.


They went to meet Pitamah. After a few minutes of courtesy talks, Pitamah asked Lord Krishna "Does the general public still make a complaint about King's loss of interest in governance?"


Lord Krishna replied, "No Pitamah ! on the contrary, they are praising now King's fast decision-making and quick actions on matters of governance."


Yudhisthira was at a loss to understand the whole conversation so he asked Pitamah what they were discussing about him.


Then Bhishma explained the whole issue to Yudhisthira, which is relevant to all of us, all the time in each human being's life.

He said


"O dear grandson! Lord Krishna had told me about your disinterest in the governance of Kingdom and I confirmed it with you also. I could also have advised you in words to stop thinking about past tragedies but it would not have worked, just as you ignored Lord Krishna's advice.


Remember Yudhisthira! we are more destroyed by thinking over miseries of past events than the actual events could damage when they happened. Mahabharta war ended after 18 days but that war is still continuing in your mind's memory and preventing you from your current responsibilities.


This can continue for an indefinite period until another good or bad event takes place. Our mind has the habit to keep alive the memory of the latest event. Therefore, a bad event memory just cannot be wished away but it will be automatically suppressed when another big event takes place.


Now it is not certain when the next big event will happen and it is also not certain that the next event will be generating any good memories only.


Therefore, the only way out is to plan a good event yourself and get involved in that real and physical event. That is why I asked you to conduct a grand event of Rajsuya Yagya. Once you got a new real project, your mind had to leave the imaginary bad memories of the past because the mind can do only one task at a time.


Only a lonely person, with a lot of time, resources and no risk of losing livelihood or life has the luxury of observing melancholy and sorrow for departed souls and that is what you were doing.


Once you get real issues in life, which are more important and directly affecting you, you will get out of such inactions. So, making an event successful became your real issue and your mind got away from bad memories. Further, each new action of preparation will generate new good memories and those will suppress all bad old memories.


Finally, the festival day or peak event will certainly generate new memories because of meeting with old acquaintances and happy events memories will put the last nail in the coffin of bad memories. By achieving project completion, your confidence level will also be boosted."



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